The service items are as follows

  • Ship-to-ship packaging service
  • LCL import and export service
  • Air freight service
  • Bulk cargo and whole cabinet import and export service
  • Transit service
  • Off-site signing service
  • Bulk cargo service declaration, commodity inspection service
  • Ground transportation service
  • Insurance service
  • Engineering freight service
  • Logistics service
  • Warehousing and distribution The service is for the agent import and export servicewithout import and export rights.
  • Agency customs filing and annual review service

Export services

1. Shipping services

undertake the shipping business of global ports, including whole container, consolidation, bulk, cold storage, dangerous goods and Ordinary chemical transportation business. Provide booking, customs clearance, yard packing, origin packing inspection, animal and plant inspection, dangerous goods declaration, warehousing and ground transportation services.

2. Air transportation servicestransportation services

undertake air transportation operations and air and seaof major airports around the world, door-to-threshold transportation services for export goods, customs declaration, airport ground operations, and air and land transportation supervision.

Quickly provide information tracking feedback for goods.
Acting for transportation insurance business.

Import service

    To undertake the transportation agent of imported goods from various ports around the world.
Provide valet customs clearance, charge d'affaires inspection, health inspection, phytosanitary inspection.
Provide a series of procedures for loading and unloading boxes, towing boxes, carrying boxes, and returning boxes in the port area.
Provide import containers for unpacking and distribution.
Provide full door to door service.
The warehouse is open 24 hours.

Transit service

    Due to the perfect agent network of the company, it can provide better, faster and more efficient transfer of goods to different countries and ports.

Logistics service

    use its own advantages in transportation industry to design and design for customers. Implement a series of the most effective, economical, safest and fastest door-to-door transportation, storage and transportation services.
Implement the overall design of the cargo process.
Implement full control over the cargo flow.
Provide 24/7 uninterrupted service.
Provide special time-limited services that customers need.
Customers can participate in the monitoring of the goods flow.
Purpose: To benefit customers.
Integrate transportation, production and sales to achieve the best combination, which can effectively control the whole process of transportation, shorten the distance between products and market, shorten production cycle and improve production efficiency.
Our service commitment: According to the needs of customers, in line with the customer's business strategy, to provide customers with comprehensive logistics solutions, optimize the design of transportation solutions and operation and monitoring of all aspects to ensure door-to-door transportation services.

Enyong is willing to establish a win-win cooperation relationship with you with the most favorable freight rate and the best service. Hand in hand


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